SPL Intro

Senior Patrol Leader Introduction

Job Description: The Senior Patrol Leader assumes the most leadership responsibility of any Scout in the troop. Elected by all troop members, the SPL does not belong to a patrol, but rather provides leadership to everyone in the troop. The SPL can appoint one or more Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders to take on some of the obligations of troop leadership. The SPL is the troop member with whom the Scoutmaster works most directly.

If the SPL does not belong to a Patrol,  where does he eat and sleep?

  • Eat (and tent) with their "home" patrol.

  • Eat (and tent) with whichever patrols they feel need some extra help & support on that campout.

  • Eat (and tent) with different patrols on a rotating basis.

  • Eat with whichever patrol entices them with the best cooking.

  • Eat small amounts from every patrol to sample and rate the cooking.

  • Eat with the adults.  (added advantage of having adults do your cooking and cleaning)

  • Eat (and tent) with the first year Patrol along with Troop Guides

  • Eat (and tent) with the Senior Patrol

  • Eat with a different patrol every night, every campout. So by the time his term is over, he's eaten with every patrol a few times.

  • Bring a cell phone and call for a pizza delivery (jus kiddin'!)

  • Any combination of the above as selected by the SPL.

Leadership Position Coordinator: Scoutmaster

Minimum Rank for this job:  Life

Ranks that this job may apply toward: Eagle

Duties of Senior Patrol Leader:

  • Must be approved by the Scoutmaster.

  • A new SPL is nominated and elected twice a year.

  • Obtain a copy of the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook (No. 32501A) from the troop library and read it.

  • Preside at all troop meetings, events, activities, and the annual program planning conference.

  • Leads the Patrol Leader Council once a month (PLC).

  • Appoints other boy leaders assigning specific responsibilities as needed.

  • Delegates tasks to the ASPL's.

  • Makes sure an ASPL attends any meeting/function he will not be able to attend.

  • Oversees the planning efforts of Scouts for all troop outings whether he attends the outing or not.

  • Works with the Scoutmaster and Troop Guides to ensure that all Scouts receive the help they need for advancement.

  • Collects PLC reports from the Troop Guides and uses them to generate the Troop Meeting Planner and Campout Activities Planner.

  • Has the Senior Patrol Leader’s report to the PLC ready upon arrival at the PLC.

  • Ensures that if he is unable to attend a PLC, that the ASPL is ready and prepared to run the PLC.

  • Sets a good example.

  • Enthusiastically wears the Scout uniform correctly.

  • Lives the Scout Oath and Law.

  • Shows Scout Spirit.

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