Patrol Leaders Council

Troop 9625 elects scout leaders for six month terms. Supported by our adult leaders, these scouts are responsible for every aspect of the Troop 9625 program and activities during their term of office. The scouts elected as leaders are generally among the more experienced members of the Troop. As a Scout led troop we strive to allow these boys the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership skills they have been acquiring since joining Boy Scouts. Being on the PLC is an opportunity to put into practice the vision of Boy Scouting; to build leaders capable of making moral decisions.

Being elected is an honor.

With Honor comes responsibility.

How does the PLC Work?

Purpose: To instill in the boys the importance of Youth Leadership in the Troop.


"The patrol is the heart of the Patrol method, but the brain that guides it is the Patrol Leaders Council." When you become a leader in a patrol you also become a leader in the troop. In the patrol leaders council you will get a chance to express the hopes and desires of your patrol. Here, also, you will receive the guidance and help you need to conduct your patrol affairs and train your patrol members.

In the patrol leaders council you will pick up inspiration for making your patrol the best one possible



  • All patrol leaders are members of the council.
  • The Senior patrol leader acts as the chairman of the patrol leaders council.
  • The Scoutmaster serves as advisor to the council.
  • The only members of the council with a vote are the patrol leaders. The Senior patrol leader can vote in case of a tie.
  • In the absence of the patrol leader his assistant can attend and vote.
  • Quartermaster, Scribe, Junior Assistant Scoutmasters, and other may attend but have no vote.


  • The patrol leaders council plans the activities of the troop and assigns the responsibility for carrying out the plans for such things as:
    • Meetings Hikes Camps
    • Service projects
  • Reports are made on progress of activities underway.
  • The council also acts as a clearing house for special problems that might arise:
    • No advancement
    • Can't control group
    • No patrol meetings
  • The schedule for the year is planned.


  • The patrol leaders council meets once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month and at other times as necessary.
  • The PLC meets briefly after each troop meeting.
  • The PLC meets briefly each day at campouts.


  • Call to order - Senior Patrol Leader
  • Reading of minutes - Scribe
  • Patrol Leaders reports - Patrol Leaders
  • Unfinished business
  • Next months program
    • Troop meetings
    • Hikes
    • Campouts
    • Advancement
    • Service projects
    • Recruiting new members
  • Leaders minute
  • Closing



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