Patrol Leaders Pledge

The Scouts of my Patrol have shown their confidence in me by electing me as their Patrol Leader. I understand this is more that an honor because it comes with great responsibility. I will live up to this responsibility by enthusiastically being the best Patrol Leader I can be. I pledge to lead my Patrol by my initiative and person example and do each of the following to the best of my ability:

  • Regularly and enthusiastically attend all Patrol and Troop meetings and activities.
  • Make a special effort to be a good friend to each Scout in my Patrol and make each member of my Patrol know that I am personally interested in his rank advancement, his skill development and his training as a scout.
  • Plan an carry out Patrol Activities with my Scouts such as Patrol meetings, Patrol hikes, Patrol projects, Patrol Good Turns and other Patrol activities
  • Keep well ahead of my Patrol in advancement and help my Scouts advance in rank by training and examining then in Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class requirement.
  • Promote strong Patrol pride and identity by consistently using a Patrol name, Patrol emblem and a Patrol cheer
  • Train my Assistant Patrol Leader and give each Scout in my Patrol a chance to do some leading in the Patrol
  • Faithfully attend all PLC meetings where I will represent my Patrol, do my part in helping to plan Troop events, bring before the Council the wishes of my Patrol, and take back to my Patrol the decision of the Council.
  • Proudly wear my Scout uniform to all Troop meetings and encourage my Scouts to do the same.
  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law and demonstrate Scout Spirit in everything I do

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