Troop Code of Conduct

In order to provide a positive, safe, and enriching environment or all scouts; while offering opportunities for wonderful adventures; the following rules have been established:

  1. I will follow the Scout Law, Scout Oath, Motto, and OutdoorI will remember that these are the basis for all the following rules and should be the basis for all of my actions.
  2. I understand I am expected to follow the posted or verbal schedule of activities and assignments specified by the troop leadership.
  3. I will do my best to be on time and wear the appropriate uniform for all troop events.
  4. I may not use or possess any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal
  5. I understand that sounds that can be heard outside my tent after lights out are disrespectful and disturbing to
  6. I will show respect for any property owned by a camp, the troop, or another individual.
  7. I will not use profanity or abusive language at anytime.
  8. I will not bring any electronic devices like radios, walkmans, game devices, etc. to any troopAn exception to this rule can be made only by the Scoutmaster, no other troop youth or adult leader.
  9. I will use matches and lighters only when appropriate and safe and follow all rules and regulations.
  10. I will use knives, saws, and axes only when appropriate and safe and follow all rules and regulations.
  11. I will use the buddy system on all troop activities.

Troop 9625 is primarily responsible for the behavior, safety, and welfare of our members on all camping events.  At District or Council events, as well as at BSA camps, all District/Council/ camp leaders have the right and responsibility of helping and correcting any problem they encounter.  I will follow the directions of those leaders as if they were my troop’s leaders.

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