Dear Scouts and Parents,

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 9625! We are excited to have you joining us.  Hundreds of boys throughout the history of Troop 9625 have contributed to our reputation as a fun, hard working and award-winning troop. One of the major factors contributing to our continued success is the active cooperation and participation of Scouts and parents like you.

When a boy joins the troop, his parents join the troop as well. Experience has taught us that your son's interest and accomplishments will be in direct proportion to your participation with him. You will find that time spent in Scouting is quality time between parent and son. We encourage you to become involved in the troop in a leadership or support role.

This handbook is meant to smooth your transition into Boy Scouting and Troop 9625. The following pages hopefully will answer many questions you may have about Boy Scouting in general and Troop 9625 specifically.  Please review this handbook and save it as a reference during your son's scouting career.

This handbook is not a replacement for the official Boy Scout Handbook. All national policies are not covered here. The information in this handbook is meant to supplement the Boy Scout Handbook and to provide specific information on our troop. Every Scout who joins Troop 9625 will get a copy of this Troop Handbook and will be expected to know what it says. If you don’t understand something, Please ask.

Feel free to call me at (763) 213-9410 or one of our Assistant Scoutmasters any time you have questions.

Welcome to Troop 9625! We are glad you’re joining us!


Scott Anderson


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